Managing Your Wellbeing Whilst Working Remotely

Managing Your Wellbeing Whilst Working Remotely
Written by
Omamerhi Etefia
March 17, 2021
Tools such as Webflow make it easier than ever to be a freelancer or run an agency from anywhere in the world. Being able to work remotely is a privilege which many of us can experience and will continue to experience for many years to come. As with anything, it comes with pros and cons. Finding ways throughout the day to reconnect with yourself is a helpful way to offset the large amounts of time we spend connected to screens. 

Here are 5 easy, quick ways to manage your mental and physical wellbeing whilst working remotely:

Here are 5 easy, quick ways to manage your wellbeing whilst working remotely:

1. Meditation

We have all heard it before and continuously hear about the benefits of mediation. It can consist simply of sitting down with eyes closed to observing your breathing or thoughts. This alone is a great way to come back to recenter yourself if you’re feeling frustrated, worried or anxious. 


2. Taking Deep Breaths

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated is a normal part of working and living. Simply pausing for a few minutes to take a few deep breaths can be exactly what your mind needs to calm down and reconnect to your body.

 3. Getting Fresh Air

Sometimes all you need is to feel the wind blowing on your face to be reminded about what is important and that it’s ok to let go and come back to a task, situation, project later with a clear, open mind. It will be ok. It always is. 

4. Drinking Water

It sounds simple, but it is easy to forget. Keeping hydrated is important and something that we can easily forget to do yet is very important for our overall mood, health and wellbeing. 

5. Journalling

Writing down your thoughts and ideas is a great way to cleanse your mind and let go of the things that may be taking up mental space. 

“I am a believer of butterfly effect. A small positive vibration can change the entire cosmos.” - Amit Ray