4 Key Elements To Consider When Building A Landing Page

4 Key Elements To Consider When Building A Landing Page
Written by
Omamerhi Etefia
March 11, 2021
In a world where capturing your ideal customer’s attention is the order of day, connecting to their hearts is the best way to cut through the noise and make sure your ideal customer knows who you are and why your product/service is going to help them become or get something they have always wanted. 

Through carefully written copy and carefully curated visual content, you can create a landing page which connects with your ideal customer, inspires them and ultimately compels them to action i.e buying your product/service. 

You don’t want to have to convince them to buy your product/service, you want to show them why your product or service is going to make their life embody an aspect of their dreams that they have always dreamed of.

GOAL: To convert visitors into customers.

Brainstorm Questions

  • What problems are they having now that your product/service will solve? 
  • Who will they become when they use their product/service?
  • What issues will be eliminated once they buy your product/service?

For example, let's imagine your product is a luxury handmade, silk pyjama set. Let's take this product through the brainstorm questions.

Currently, they have cotton pyjamas which are alright but they are slightly itchy, worn-out and not particularly pleasing to the eye - haha! Your product is solving the problem of people wanting to feel free, cosy, comfortable whilst sleeping. 

Silk is a great fabric which is able to regulate and adjust to the wearer’s body temperature and due it’s high-quality, it is durable and long-lasting so the customer knows that each time they wear the pyjama set they are getting incredible value for their money and feel amazing at the same time, it’s a win-win. 

Wearing your luxury pyjama set, they feel beautiful, free, light and as though they are floating whenever they walk through their room. Who doesn’t want to feel as though they are gliding whenever they move?

So never again will they have to worry about going to bed feeling slightly uncomfortable, with irritated skin or too hot because your silk pyjama set eliminates these problems. 

Landing Page Breakdown - 4 Aspects

1. Written Content - Headings, Subheadings, Paragraphs


  • What makes the heading stand out from the other text, i.e subheading, paragraph?
  • Is it big, bold and eye-catching? 
  • Is it well-spaced and easy to read?


  • Is the text clear, concise and direct?
  • In 1-2 sentences, does the user know why they need your product or service? 
  • Can the user identify something they want in the heading?

2. Call To Action - CTA Buttons, Forms, Sign Up Prompts


  • Is the CTA visually highlighted and does it stand out from the other visual elements?

3. Social Proof


  • Can users see themselves in the testimonial profiles?
  • Can you include photos, videos or audio notes from happy customers?


  • Do the testimonials clearly explain what the customers gained from your product/service?
  • Do the testimonials show a story arc - i.e a transformation of before and after using your product/service?

4. Visual Content - Images & Videos


  • Do the images and/or videos compliment, reflect and enhance the text?
  • Do the images and/or videos create a feeling which makes the user want your product/service so much that they can’t see themselves without it?

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To summarise: elements to consider when building a landing page

Make sure that the written content is concise, direct and clearly explains how your product/service is a solution to a problem they currently have.

Let your CTAs be bold, eye-catching and an intuitive next-step after reading your written content.

Use social proof to show potential customers who they can become through buying your product/service. When we see ourselves in someone else, it makes it believable for the customer that they too can have the transformation as previous happy customers.

Carefully curate visual content so that it reflects the written content and further makes the customer so excited and ready to take action - i.e buy your product/service, sign up to your newsletter or book a discovery call.

Get into the world of your customer and think about how they will view it from your perspective. They are looking to buy your product/service because it is solving a problem that they have so make sure the solution is so irresistible that it becomes a no-brainer for them.