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Colorado Name Change

Colorado Name Change is a no-code web application that streamlines the official legal name change process in the state of Colorado.

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Custom Web Design, Webflow Development
Legal & Social Justice
Figma, Webflow, Memberstack & Documate

A2J Tech is a US-based social enterprise on a mission to improve access to justice through the use of innovative, accessible, modern technology. 

Following the success of their Florida Name Change Project which allows residents of Florida change their name and gender on official government identification, A2J Tech set out to build a web application to streamline the Name Change Process in the state of Colorado.

Everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion or gender deserves access to justice and A2J Tech exists to ensure every US citizen is aware of their judicial rights.  
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Traditionally, the process of changing one’s name in the state of Colorado has involved many physical documents, lengthy court appointments and in-person meetings. 

The Colorado Name Change web application takes the once tedious, long-winded process of changing one’s name and streamlines it into a simple, easy-to-follow, guided process.  In a few simple steps the user is guided through the necessary forms in the name change process, court filings and case completion.

A name is the foundation of the Self, so having the autonomy to change one’s name to reflect significant life changes is empowering and impactful, reflecting everything that we stand for at ENVSN.